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Cultivating Calm: Mindful Meditation Series

Sharing the energy of a group is beneficial for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Class begins with a short guided introduction using body and breath awareness to settle the mind. Each week various types of mindfulness and guided meditation will be introduced, discussed, then practiced together. Participants are always invited but never required to share questions and experiences after the meditation. Begins Wednesday, 11/8 from 6-7 PM at We Yogis Lakewood. Class runs every Wednesday, excluding 11/22 with final class on 12/13. Drop in for any or all, classes are designed to either build one to the next or be taken individually as your schedule allows. Pricing is the same as for a regular class!

Live in Authenticity

Learn how to use mindful introspection to identify your core values and uncover what living authentically means to you. Explore authenticity through brain health research and mindfulness exercises like visualization meditations and journaling activities. Workshop participants will define their guiding principles, view objectively all the ways in which they spend their time, and mindfully reprioritize their activities based on their authentic values. Join me at Mastermind Meditation on Wednesday, January 10 from 7-8:30 PM to lay groundwork for an effective and authentic 2018!

Pranayama: Finding Freedom in the Breath

Breathing practices are one of the 8 limbs of yoga and are one of the main ways we can find peace of mind in today’s busy world. Join me at Namah Shivaya the first weekend of March, date TBA.


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