Kids’ Yoga

If you look closely, it quickly becomes obvious that children are natural born yogis. Watch as a child plays and you will inevitably see variations of urdhva dhanurasana, adho mukha svanasana, and it ain’t called “happy baby” for nothing. However our modern society forces children to conform in certain ways and lose touch in others. More kids play video games recreating sports than actually play the sports themselves. Their growing bodies are crammed into school desks and slumped over computer keyboards. And their attention spans are shorter than the duration of the latest pop star’s one hit wonder career. But yoga can help connect kids back to their true nature, just as it does for adults, and strengthen both mind and body. Through purposeful movement, breath, and intention, children can reclaim and maintain their youthful energy.

When kids come to a yoga class with me they get all the benefits that their parents would in an adult class. We incorporate postures for strength, balance, and flexibility, and also discuss how these principles apply to our daily lives, but in a kid friendly format. We practice deep breathing and focused attention and learn about anatomy. I use stories, songs, and rhymes to engage the children in the practice. The kids learn to work together as a team and to respect their own bodies and each other. Finally we always end with a final resting pose, savasana, to foster stillness, relaxation, and patience.

I am available to teach at your child’s daycare, school, or after-school program. I also teach private lessons as well as special events such as scout meetings, birthday parties, holiday gatherings, neighborhood festivals, etc. Contact me here for details or look here to find the kids classes I teach at local gyms and facilities that are open to the public.


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