E-RYT 500, yoga instructor for children and adults

Class Descriptions

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Deep Stretch and Mindful Meditation

Description: This juicy, slow stretch class will focus on holding postures to increase flexibility and range of motion. Great for athletes, new yogis, and experienced practitioners alike. Each class ends with a form of meditation followed by resting in savasana. Themes are presented to connect the asanas, or postures, with the larger context of yogic philosophy.

Times: Wednesdays 6 PM at We Yogis Lakewood

Gentle Yoga

Description: This flow style class is appropriate for those new to yoga, those coming back to yoga after a long break, and those recovering from an injury or illness. Even regular practitioners can benefit from this slow paced class which focuses on the breath and proper alignment. Themes are presented to connect the asanas, or postures, with the larger context of yogic philosophy.

Times: Wednesdays and Fridays 9:30 AM at Namah Shivaya

All Levels Flow

Description: This active vinyasa style class is appropriate for most practitioners. Options are given to either modify postures or add on variations according to the needs of the participant. An emphasis on the breath and proper alignment gives participants a solid foundation to move towards their edge. Themes are presented to connect the asanas, or postures, with the larger context of yogic philosophy.

Testimonials: “Erin’s practice of helping you set an intention for your practice at the beginning of class really helps me with focus in my life and my yoga. She reminds you to think about your intention at the end of the practice, too, allowing the intention to embrace the full practice. I love that.” –Wendy Loven

“Erin’s class is fun and informative.  She has a gift for teaching.  Students at all levels will enjoy her class. You’ll receive detailed instructions on the physical practice of yoga, and also learn cool stuff about its mental and spiritual aspects.” –Philip Danze

Times: Mondays and Tuesdays 9:30 AM at Namah Shivaya

Active Flow

Description: This class is best for practitioners with some prior yoga experience; it is similar to the All Levels Flow but with more opportunities to challenge yourself. We move slightly faster through flowing postures and also hold poses to build strength, flexibility, and balance. Fun, invigorating sequences and music keep you moving for 75 minutes. The breath and proper alignment still form the foundation from which participants are encouraged to explore the limits of their own abilities. Themes are presented to connect the asanas, or postures, with the larger context of yogic philosophy.

Times: Not currently scheduled; Available for Private Lessons

Intro to Ashtanga

Description: This class uses a combination of flowing and held postures adapted from the Ashtanga Primary Series. We move slowly with the rhythm of the breath and discuss options to modify postures to fit the needs of the participant, always with a focus on the fundamentals of breath, locks, and gaze. Beginners and experienced yogis will benefit from this practice. This class is perfect for anyone wanting to learn more about the Ashtanga practice and as an introduction to those planning to continue on to practice Ashtanga Led Primary.

Times: Not currently scheduled; Available for Private Lessons

Ashtanga Led Primary

Description: A challenging and vigorous 90 minute class incorporating both flowing and held postures. This class is great for the athletic type who hasn’t done yoga before or for those with some yoga experience. There are options to modify postures or adjust the level of activity for those with injuries or new practitioners. Ashtanga systematically works the entire body, increasing strength, flexibility, and balance. The primary series is known as “Yoga Chikitsa,” or yoga therapy, and is truly therapeutic for both mind and body. Because the same sequence of poses is practiced every time, the participant eventually learns the sequence and can then focus on the fundamentals of breath, locks, and gaze; thus the practice becomes a moving meditation.

Testimonials: “Erin Brandao is an amazing yoga instructor. Her knowledge and command of subject matter is equally matched by her ethereal grace. Erin IS Yoga. She walks the talk. And is one of the most wonderful human beings I have been lucky enough to know. And while the before mentioned items might seem enough to a student the final one is by far the most important. She is not to be missed.” –Sally Smith, RYT and Ashtanga Teacher

Times: Thursdays 6-7 AM Half Primary at Sync

Cook Then Chill Vinyasa and Meditation

Description: This 75 minute class is suitable for all levels but some yoga experience is helpful. We spend the first hour moving through a strong, Active Flow class, as described above. Variations and modifications are given for those newer to the practice as well as those more experienced. Each class will have a theme and focus, both anatomical and energetic. For the last 15 minutes of class we will practice seated meditation as a group. I will present different techniques each week to reinforce the theme. This class is the perfect mix of physical and spiritual for those wanting a well rounded yoga practice.


“I started taking yoga from Erin almost two years ago. Although I’d been athletic and involved in sports, I wasn’t very flexible, so I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do many things.  This turned out not to be a problem. We always do a variety of poses that require different levels of flexibility and strength, so there are some poses that come easily to me, while some are more challenging. This balance keeps the class fun and interesting without being frustrating. I also like how Erin encourages us to try fun, advanced poses such as arm balances and hand stands, but also reminds us to honor our bodies and not push ourselves beyond what is safe. Overall, her classes have been very enjoyable. Since starting them, I’ve seen improved flexibility and focus in other areas of my life.” –Lauren Hatchell

Times: Not Currently Scheduled; Available for Private Lessons


Description: In core classes we focus on the muscles in the abdomen, sides, and back to strengthen this crucial supportive structure, improving posture and spine health. In Core we use active postures and exercises, while in Smooth Core we use passive rolling, stretching, and gentle activation. Both classes increase awareness of the subtle use of these core muscles, conclude with relaxation, and are appropriate for beginners and experienced yogis alike.

Times: Not currently scheduled; Available for Private Lessons

Restorative Yoga

Description: While relaxing, it takes 15-20 minutes of quiet stillness to begin to allow the body’s self healing properties to begin working. This class is suitable for everyone, particularly those recovering from an illness or injury, people with limited range of motion, and those with high stress levels. Restorative yoga can also act as a nice passive complement to an active asana practice.

Times: Not currently scheduled; Available for Private Lessons


Description: Sharing the energy of a group is beneficial for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Class begins with a short guided introduction using body and breath awareness to settle the mind. Each week various types of mindfulness and guided meditation will be introduced. Participants are always invited but never required to share questions and experiences after the meditation.

Times: Wednesdays 10:400-11 AM Namah Shivaya, FREE!; Thursdays 9:30-10 AM at Mastermind

Tweens Yoga

Description: Tweens have some of the same needs as children, and some of the same needs as adults. Many pre-teen and teenagers are already feeling the effects of a stressful busy life. I emphasize stretching, gently movement, and relaxation with my in between aged yogis. A theme is always incorporated, reinforcing the basic qualities that create positive people, such as gratitude, compassion, self-love and helping others.

Times: Not currently scheduled; Available for Private Lessons

Kids Yoga

Description: Children learn through play, but unfortunately many are already feeling the effects of a busy, stressed out society. In these 45 minute classes, kids get to explore their breath, strength, balance, and flexibility in a non-competitive environment. We use songs, rhymes, and stories to maintain interest while moving through various, kid-friendly yoga poses, including a brief resting pose to finish class. Themes such as gratitude, being yourself, and teamwork are presented in simple terms and incorporated into each class. The children are given the freedom to express themselves within the safety of the class structure. Most importantly, the kids get to have fun and shine like the stars they are! Appropriate for approximately ages 4-10.

Times: Tuesdays 4:15-5 PM at Namah Shivaya


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