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Kids and Teens Yoga Schedule for Fall 2014

Are your kids already climbing the walls after being in school all day? Come let them walk up walls and do other fun yoga poses to release energy and quiet their busy minds.

another walk up wall

Wednesdays from 4-4:45 PM at Namah Shivaya Yoga (in the Medallion Center)

All kids welcome, recommended ages 4-12

Thursdays from 4-4:45 PM at The Yoga Movement (on the Katy Trail)

All kids welcome, recommended ages 4-12

Fridays from 3:30-4:30 at We Yogis (on Lovers Lane near the Dallas North Tollway)

Boys only, recommended ages 12-16


Dallas Free Day of Yoga Kick-Off Festival

This Saturday, August 30, is the Dallas Kick-Off Festival for the DFW Free Day of Yoga! I’ll be teaching a kids class at 10:30 as well as helping to lead the community class at 12:30.  The festival will be held at the Trinity Audubon Center, and some portions will be indoors with A/C so don’t let the heat keep you away!


Kids Yoga Classes This Fall

Fall is right around the corner! This school year your kids have two chances a week to practice yoga with me: Wednesdays at 4 at Namah Shivaya Yoga and Thursdays at 4 at the yoga movement. Classes begin the first week of September!

Kids Yoga


Toddler Yoga at North Park!

Tomorrow, Thursday June 5, from 11:15 – 11:45 AM, I will be teaching  Toddler Yoga at the Lululemon store in North Park Center. All kids are welcome and the class is FREE!  Come breathe, stretch, move, and have some fun with your little ones.

We Yogis kids camp schedule

I will be teaching some of the kids camps at We Yogis this summer. Each camp can stand alone or your child can come to the full week. They are being held from 2-4 PM at We Yogis on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The camp cost is $90 for the full week or $35 for a one day drop in, with multiple week and sibling discounts. Below are the dates and themes of the camps I am teaching.

Yogi Animal Camp (June 3, 5, 7): Tiger, snake, frog, & dog!

Upside Down Camp (June 17, 19, 21): See the world from a different perspective – upside down!

Feeling Good (July 8, 10, 12): In this week’s camp we will explore emotions through yoga, stories, and crafts. We will talk about healthy ways to express our feelings and how yoga can help make us feel good!

Being Yourself Camp (July 22, 24, 26): In this week’s camp we will focus on the importance of being yourself through yoga, stories, and crafts. We will talk about our differences and similarities and learn that it is always ok to be yourself!

Gratitude Camp (Aug 5, 7, 9): In this week’s camp we will focus on gratitude through yoga, stories, and crafts. We will talk about why it is important to be thankful and ways to incorporate gratitude into our daily lives.

Mindful Children

Working with kids can be very entertaining and rewarding, especially if you pay close attention to the details, because they certainly do. Despite their fidgeting and tangential storytelling, children are sponges that often absorb much more than you realize. Yoga only reinforces their natural tendency towards mindfulness and attention to detail.

Over the summer I was teaching kids yoga at a summer program. I was wearing Toms shoes and I noticed that one of the little boys was also wearing that brand.  I pointed it out to him but didn’t get much of a reaction. Before we entered the studio, we all took off our shoes and left them outside the studio, and I took mine off first and went in to start the class. A few minutes later I looked back at the line of shoes and noticed that the boy had placed his own Toms neatly on either side of mine.

Another kids yoga teacher who I work with had been teaching at a certain school for a while and she always used lavender essential oil mixed with water in a spray bottle to spritz the kids’ hands at the end of class. I began using the same technique and later took over her teaching job at the school. The first time I used the spray there a little boy who had been taking yoga with the other teacher sniffed his hands and exclaimed, “It smells like yoga!”

Occasionally a new little yogi will just sit quietly on his or her mat instead of participating, probably due to shyness or unfamiliarity with the routine. But inevitably the child’s parents will report that the same child started doing down dogs and saying “namaste” all the time at home.

So you see, children observe and retain so much of what goes on around them. By paying attention ourselves to their surroundings and purposefully placing them in positive environments, we can foster this natural tendency and create a better generation for the future.

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