Adult Yoga

Saying “I tried yoga but I didn’t like it,” after practicing only one class or style is like saying, “I don’t like sandwiches” after eating only peanut butter and jelly.  Often a person will take one class from one teacher and write off thousands of year of wisdom and practice. I’m not saying that everyone will necessarily love yoga, but there are so many different types that there is a good chance at least one will be tolerable, and even enjoyable. One of the reasons I love yoga is that I can choose the type of class I want to take based on my physical and emotional state at the time. From restorative (which mostly involves lying down), to hot power yoga (after which you might need to lie down), there’s something for everyone. Plus it’s the only adult activity I know with a built-in nap at the end, and maybe even a mini-massage if your teacher is nice.

The benefits of yoga are widely known and include an increase in strength and flexibility, improvement in balance and breathing, reduction of stress, and a general feeling of well-being. There are many more benefits specific to each individual, and studies are being conducted all the time which add to the list.

I teach at several gyms and studios in the Dallas area. You can check out my schedule here. I am also available for private sessions, either one-on-one or small groups, held in your home or office. I am also available for workplace yoga sessions during your lunch hour or before/after work. These can be organized among co-workers or sponsored by your employer. And yoga parties aren’t just for kids! Consider having a yoga session at your next birthday, baby shower, wedding party, holiday, you name it! Please contact me here for more information.


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