I Was There

I was there

In the room

When you left


The vessel remained

But I knew

You were gone


My first home was in that body

But without you it was nothing more

Than an abandoned building


I didn’t know where you went

People kept asking if I felt your presence

“No,” I said angrily. “She’s dead.”

And my heart shut down


I went to the place they put you

That strange filing cabinet of discarded flesh had no trace of you

You always hated funerals

I should have known you wouldn’t hang around there


For a long time you were lost to me

My soul boarded itself up

“Closed for repairs” it said


I had looked everywhere

In churches and worship halls

In books and memories

But still you eluded me


I finally gave up

She’s gone for good

God isn’t real

That’s it


Then I started working on my heart

Chipped away at the concrete barriers I had built

Pried the wooden boards from the doors of my soul








Until finally

It opened again


And there you were

Had been all along

Waiting patiently

For me to come home


Comments on: "I Was There" (2)

  1. Dale Dickman said:

    My God

    Does everyone think u r just writing for them? Ive never seen such a beautiful style.

    Sent from Dale’s iPhone

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