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I watch the sun and wait.


As you approach my leaves unfurl.

Shall I spin some slippery sentiments that you’ll slide down my throat upon,

Or set a hair trigger trap to snap shut when you tickle my fancy?

Tempt you with a colorful object, dangling delectably, beckoning you down a one way street,

Or draw a bath of sweet nectar for you to sink into, leaving only bubbles behind?


I slowly digest each word you say, gorge on the giddy energy you give, swallow your smile whole.


Satiated, I turn my face to the sun again

And wait.



Thoughts – Stream of Consciousness

Rivers & streams & oceans of thoughts flow across the terrain of my mind

wearing grooves deeper than the Grand Canyon

Ruts, patterns and old ways of being get entrenched in the landscape of my consciousness

Just like Patanjali said,

Yoga is the calming of the whirlpools of the mind

Calming the rapids so I can see clearly what lies beneath the surface

Fat lazy fish of thought are easier to catch in still waters

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E-RYT 500, yoga instructor for children and adults


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