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“Ode to Everything I Once Thought I Couldn’t or Wouldn’t Live Without, in No Particular Order”

A microwave

Self loathing

An iPhone

All my exes


A scale

My mom


Self harm

Debilitating depression


Organized religion



And yet I take another breath


No Sugar in My Coffee, I’m Sweet Enough

Words drip from your lips,

Poisoned honey, sticky and false.

Dishing up what you think you’re supposed to feed me,

Hoping I’ll swallow without question.

I’d rather gulp down the scalding bitter darkness,

Rub my tongue over the rough patch on the roof of my mind,

Than slurp the lukewarm sickly saccharin that goes down easy,

Then sneaks up on my heart, burning a place I can’t touch.

Don’t stroke my ego with a coat of sugar;

Caramelized by fire, it cracks the thin layer of trust between us.

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E-RYT 500, yoga instructor for children and adults


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