My body lies heavy, sinking into the ground,

Muscles settling over bones like rich, wet earth hugging the roots of a tree.

I feel my heart beat slowing, the rush of my pulse quieting,

As mighty rivers give way to streams, creeks, trickles of water.

Warmth radiates from the surface of my skin, fed by a fire stoked deep in my belly,

Like the molten core cradled in the planet’s center.

I allow myself to breathe gently, as air is invited into my lungs,

Then surrendered again into the wind.

Time slows down, the space between—

Movements, heartbeats, breaths, thoughts—

Stretches out as I float into the ether.


Comments on: "Then the Seer abides in Itself, resting in its own True Nature" (1)

  1. AnnieKate Nicholson-Phillips said:

    Nice poem, Erin. Love the gentle language: rich wet earth hugging, pulse quieting, trickles of water, warmth radiates, cradled, gently inviting the air into the lungs, surrendered, slows down, stretches and floats into the ether. – Love you, AnnieKate

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