Ode to the moon upon waking

I sat with the moon last night and she shared her secrets with me

She said she feels like her emotions are constantly changing, they ebb and flow, pulled in all different directions

I said, yes I get that way too

She said she doesn’t always feel complete, sometimes it seems like no one can even see her, and people only pay attention to her when she’s happy and bright

I said, same here

She said she gets lonely, feels isolated sometimes, and it seems like forever since a man caressed her skin

I said, tell me about it sister

But, she said, I have noticed, over these many years, that even through the darkest times, eventually the sun shines on my face again

True, I said

And no matter what happens on the surface, the world keeps turning, she said

I’ve noticed that too, I said

And I enjoy seeing people smile at me, I like making people happy, she said

Me too, I said

I sat with the moon last night, turns out we have more in common that I thought


Comments on: "Ode to the moon upon waking" (1)

  1. Just enjoy reading. Simple I guess.

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