E-RYT 500, yoga instructor for children and adults

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Celebrate with Yoga!

Yoga can happen anywhere, not just in a studio. It can be a great addition to any celebration, kicking off your party by raising the vibration and putting everyone in a great mood. No special clothing or mats required, unless you want them! I can create a simple yoga and meditation practice that anyone can enjoy comfortably. Contact me if you’d like me to help you incorporate yoga into your next:

  • Birthday Party (adults or kids!)
  • Engagement Party
  • Wedding Shower
  • Wedding Day Morning
  • Baby Shower
  • Girls Night
  • Book Club
  • Tea Party
  • Fundraiser
  • Housewarming
  • Family Reunion
  • Holiday Celebration
Erin Marie Yoga

E-RYT 500, yoga instructor for children and adults


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