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The Sun Inside

The rays of divine light within me shine forth as a powerful sun. The cleansing rain of my tears refract this brilliant light into a beautiful rainbow of energy.  My chakras are cleared of the dark clouds of blockages and past experiences. I am light.

I bow humbly in gratitude for the clouds and the sun, the storm and the calm. For without yin there is no yang, and without darkness we could not appreciate the wondrous light.

I hear the call, “Arise! Awaken my child!” And I reply, “I am ready.”



In my morning meditation I glimpsed my soul, a silvery pool shimmering ahead of me like those mirages on the highway. I knew that if I could see what was inside or underneath or behind the sounds of my mantra, I could catch up to it. So I latched onto OM and I dove in, taking in great gulps of Light and Love.

June 4. 2013

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E-RYT 500, yoga instructor for children and adults


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