When life gets busy, especially during the upcoming months of seasonal colds and holidays, people often neglect their wellness routines. But the catch is that this can create more illness and stress in their lives and ultimately take up more time than the workouts would have in the first place. I teach a weekly class at an office, and last week after class one of the participants said, “I really didn’t have time to come today but I’m glad I did.” I responded, “You didn’t have time not to.” Yoga has as many benefits as there are people who practice it, but two major effects which are important at this time of year are stress reduction and immunity strengthening. Holidays can be joyful but also stressful and it is important to take some time for yourself. A yoga class forces you to slow down and look within, which helps to remind you of what is truly important when you feel you are being pulled in many different directions. Yoga also helps deepen the mind-body connection so that you become more in tune with your own biological processes. Being aware of your body can help to prevent some illnesses from coming on and reduce the severity of the ones you do catch.  And when your body is strong and healthy your immune system can fight germs more easily. The great thing about having a yoga class right at your workplace is you don’t have to find the motivation to fight traffic to get to a gym or studio. A group of co-workers can pay individually to have me come teach a class, or your corporation may be willing to sponsor the class as part of an employee wellness initiative. I can teach the class before or after work or at lunchtime.  Contact me to schedule your own workplace yoga class.


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