I’ve been thinking a lot lately about taking cues from the universe. Now, I don’t believe that everything is literally a sign directed at me, but I do think that what we notice makes a difference. Where attention goes energy flows, both in yoga practice and in life. If we practice awareness of our bodies during a posture we can focus on a particular area of the body. If we practice awareness of our surroundings during the day we can create meaning out of seemingly insignificant occurrences. Recently I have been busy, which is good for my career, but can get exhausting at times. I have also been trying to take challenging classes so I can bring more energy and postures to my students. I planned to go to a certain class this week that is notoriously difficult,  but when I arrived I found that there was a substitute teacher and she specialized in gentle yoga, so the class was much slower and focused on mindful movement and taking care of the body. At first I was a little annoyed but then I began to relax into my body and I realized it was just what I needed. Even something as small as getting stuck behind a slow-moving car on the interstate struck a nerve with me, telling me to take it easy. I remembered a running joke my parents had when I was a kid: they would say in a slow, even tone, “There’s no need to hurry.” (Apparently that’s what the contractor who oversaw the building of their house used to say.) Sometimes circumstances change and you get different cues. There have definitely been times or situations when I needed to learn the opposite lesson, to get motivated and “just do it.” By maintaining a regular yoga and meditation practice I feel better equipped to listen to my body and my intuition, to take these little cues from the universe which help steer me in the right direction.


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  1. I’ve been trying to do this in the last couple of months. I don’t do it all the time, in fact most of the time LOL, but I’m trying. It’s like, once you say “OK, show me.” it’s like “OK, you asked to be shown!” Although for me I keep getting brought to stuff that scares the crap out of me – I wish I had the guts to face it all with full attention. I know I just need to keep my eyes open and keeping turning towards it but man…it’ pretty tiring sometimes.

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